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IKG Air LLC Acquires American Aviation

IKG Air LLC, the first 100% private Native American-owned aviation company, has announced its acquisition of American Aviation. This merger marks a significant move in the aviation industry, symbolising a fresh period of growth and prosperity. The acquisition is not just a business transaction; it is the fruition of a long-term strategic plan and it fortifies the company’s commitment to deliver exceptional services to their customers.

The expanded operation of IKG Air LLC will now include fixed-wing services in their tour offerings. They have also signed a contract with the city of Page, offering Fixed Base Operations services and scenic flights in and around Lake Powell, Northern Arizona, and Southern Utah. The company plans to provide on-call charter flights from various Southwest locations such as Sedona, Page, Kayenta, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. This growth strategy aims to increase the accessibility of aviation services, offer competitive rates to other regional tribes, and strengthen their commitment to serving Native American regional areas.

For more information, email [email protected] or call (928) 310-6898.

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